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Star studded natural proteins that offer a perfect healthy balance

You are what you eat – To be fit and healthy we recommend a consistent and equal balance of high quality lean meats combined with nutritionally rich plant proteins.

Lean & Greens showcases the very best of British lean meats combined with your favourite plant proteins.

Lean & Greens only uses the very best naturally fresh ingredients to inspire every bite, so you can enjoy burgers, sausages and meatballs like never before, bridging the gap with less meat and more rich plant proteins.

Lean & Greens,

Big on Balance Big on Taste
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British Lean Meats blended with Super Green Plant Proteins

Our Journey So Far

We are an independent family business based in Dundee, Scotland.

Lean & Greens® was founded in 2019 with the concept presenting itself to us whilst trekking in the great Scottish Highland wilderness.

Whilst enjoying the stunning natural beauty of our surroundings we were privileged to hear the sound of roaring stags echoing through the glen. These magnificent animals naturally forage on a diet of “super greens” to stay fit and lean and so the idea of developing a trail-blazing new range of food products was born.

Stepping off the hillside and into the kitchen, we teamed up with innovation experts Bingham & Jones to develop a perfect marriage of lean meats and superior plant-based greens to create new variations of the food products – patties, sausages, and meatballs – that we know you already love.

The creative scope is endless and our journey is only just beginning. We will continue to innovate and work towards our goal of creating a growing range of unique, satisfying meat reducers. So what does that mean?

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Meat Reducers

A large section of the UK consumer now identify as FLEXITARIAN (meat & plant eaters).
They aim to lead a healthier, more sustainable and balanced life through their choice of diet.





The realities of sticking to a meat-free diet

Currently 89% of meat free meals are eaten by non-vegetarians 6.7 million British adults follow a meat-free diet. Of those who would cut out meat by the end of 2019 – only 5% have managed to stick to their diet.***

A Unique range

Patties, sausages & meatballs made from the best of
BRITISH LEAN MEATS combined with quality plant based protein.
Of Fibre
Low In
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Big on Balance
Big on Taste

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